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What are the different types of floor mats?

There are a lot! Each one has its purpose and application. From rugs and carpets to the family of rubber-backed anti-fatigue and scraper mats, there are a variety to choose from. We will cover those mats that are launderable with the CDF Flat Mat Washer.

Bristle Fiber

Bristle Brush Entrance Mats Grey Scrape 600This weather-resistant, outdoor mat is designed to remove mud and dirt with its heavy-duty scraping bristles. This traps the majority of the muck outside before it even enters your building. The 1” thickness allows the mat to hold up to 8 pounds of dirt and water, while the sloping ramp at the edge provides a safe transition on and off the mat.


Plush Carpet Entrance Mats Black 600Your entrance mats look professional with a top-quality carpet mat featuring a crush-resistant surface. They can be used in entryways for your building and elevator, as well as corridors and long hallways. It is twice as thick as traditional mats, offering superior durability and longevity. This mat also traps dirt and water to keep your building cleaner and safer.

Carpet Tiles

Waterhog Premier Tile Front Door 600Carpet tiles are designed for covering large, high-traffic areas in both indoor or outdoor applications. The alternating directional pattern comes in a variety of choices and not only looks professional but creates a scraping action to expertly remove dirt, debris and water. It is made from a polypropylene fabric that dries quickly and will not fade.

Car Mats

Chevron Car MatClassic Car MatDefender Car MatPaw Print Car Mat

Your car floor can look good and trap dirt, too! Its recessed well keeps the mud off your pantleg, is durable to last longer and is flexible to hug the floor of your car, truck, van or SUV.

• Polypropylene surface for fast-drying action

• Surface is stain, fade and mildew resistant

• Heavy-duty, solid rubber backing grips the floor

• Comes with both front and rear mats

• Car Mats can be trimmed along cut lines to fit car’s contours


waterhog-plus-recycle-label These are by far the best value for the money. WaterHog floor mats are superior to other mats in many ways:

• Certified safe by the National Floor Safety Institute

• LEED and BOMA compliant

• Bi-Level construction to capture debris

• Super absorbent – holds up to 20 liters of moisture

• Heavy and rigid enough to prevent a trip hazard

• Easy to self-clean with a quick vacuum on site

• Capable of being cleaned and sanitized professionally

• Longer life span and longer wash cycle

• Made from recycled material and is fully recyclable at the end of its life span

The CDF Flat Mat Washer was originally designed to wash the WaterHog floor mat. The WaterHog is a heavy, rigid floor mat to prevent trip hazards and ‘baconing’ but this safety feature makes it difficult to wash in traditional mat washers. The CDF Flat Mat Washer washes, dries and rolls a floor mat flat, thereby accommodating the WaterHog floor mat.

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