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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Floor Mats with a CDF Flat Mat Washer

CDF 18-8 Flat Mat Washer

Save money. Save money. Save money.

Save Money with Reason #1

The CDF Flat Mat Washer uses less water than a traditional tunnel or front load washer. It requires only 900 US gallons (750 Imperial or 3,400 litres) first thing in the morning. The water is then recycled all day, through your washing process, until the clean up at the end of the day. Then you start all over with another 900 US gallons the next morning. Makeup water is dependent on the type of mat being washed, typically ~1,500 gallons a day.

There are 5 settling tanks. They overflow from tank 1 to 5, allowing the soil and heavy deposits to sink to the bottom of each tank. By the time the water reaches tank 5, all the solids have been removed and the water is ready to be run through the washer again.

Compare this to your current water usage and you’ll find immediate water savings. The majority of our clients report a savings of over 30% or more! That’s good news for you, your wallet and our environment!

Save Money with Reason #2

‘One-Touch’ technology requires fewer staff. The majority of current production process requires a Sling Loader, one or two for the wash/dry cycle and finally a Mat Roller. The CDF Flat Mat Washer does it all with ‘One-Touch’, ‘One-Operator’. This key position simply feeds the mat, one at a time, flat, via the infeed table. This is their opportunity to inspect the mat for damage, pre-treat stains or remove major deposits such as gum or hair. The speed of the mat feed is also adjusted here for heavier, thicker or more soiled mats. From this point on, the mat is washed, sanitized, dried and rolled automatically.

Oh, and did we mention that with a 6’ wide infeed table, the 3’ wide mats can be washed side by side, increasing your production time and total mat linear square footage output?

Payroll is the leading expense for any business. By reducing the number of positions and possibly the number of shifts, your savings on wage costs dramatically impacts your Return On Investment of a new CDF Flat Mat Washer.

Save Money with Reason #3

More mats, less damage. This process washes more mats in less time. Period. We have a ‘Mat Math’ spreadsheet that will calculate your current mat output and the number of hours required to wash with a CDF Flat Mat Washer. If you compare that to your current process time, you’ll see the hours saved. Possibly even eliminate a shift. That’s an obvious money saver.

Mat MathBut in addition, because the mat is washed and dried flat, mat damage is eliminated. The current process of tumbling washers, then tugging and pulling tangled mats apart from the pile created by traditional washing machines is hard on a floor mat, not to mention the poor employee! This also results in reducing your WCB injury claims.

One of our clients recorded annual mat damage costs at 10% using a tunnel washer. Now that they wash their floor mats with a CDF Flat Mat Washer, they tell us their mat damage for 2017 and 2018 was 0%! This cost obviously varies with size and quality of mats, including the most expensive, logo mats. But that number, whatever it may be, multiplied by 0 is still $0.00!

Interested? Curious? Call us for more information. If you are in Canada or the US, call 1-800-986-6702. International calls are 1-763-390-4099.

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