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Rapid Roller 6

The Rapid Mat Roller is your solution for automatic rolling of dust control mats.

Automatic rolling is 5 times faster than rolling by hand, the quality of the rolled mats is higher and it provides healthier working conditions for your employees.

  • Large easy feeding inclined bed with 2” wide belts

  • Inspection Light and Safety Light Curtain

  • Adjustable speed control

  • Foot pedal with pause function for mat inspection

  • Hand controls

  • Guideline to ensure straight feed

  • Unit counter and hour meter


What We Offer

CDF Systems provides superior products


Flat Mat Washer

The CDF 21-100 Ultra Dry Flat Mat Washer washes, dries and rolls all your mats from Water Hog to Bristle, logo, anti-fatigue, scraper, vinyl and plush mats, to carpet tiles and car mats.


Honey Comb Storage

The HoneyComb Mat Storage System adapts to your mat storage requirements with 3 different configurations.


FPI 6 Mat Roller

The FPI 6 Pass Through Mat Roller makes your mat processing system more efficient with automatic rolling and tighter rolls.


Rapid Roller 6

The Rapid Mat Rolling Machine is an automatic return to operator system. Automatic rolling is five times faster than rolling by hand.

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