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Extending the lifespan of a WaterHog floor mat

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

The average lifespan of a Waterhog floor mat is 3-4 years, using traditional washing methods. Our method of washing a Waterhog floor mat will increase that lifespan 2-3 times!

When we say ‘traditional washing methods’ we refer to the process where floor mats are washed in front load or top load washers, similar to the one you use at home to wash your clothes. The mats tumble around in hot, soapy water, are rinsed, then loaded into dryers.

Commercial and industrial mat cleaning companies may also use belly or pocket washers, using the same concept but with greater capacity. And to add even more capacity, many of these companies also use tunnel washers. Tunnel washers were designed to automate large volumes of laundry on a continuous cycle. The laundry or floor mats are fed in one end through a chamber conveyor or overhead sling, while water enters through the other. A large spiral screw runs down the length of chamber or ‘tunnel’ providing agitation, moving the linen from one pocket to the next all the while shifting the linen progressively to cleaner water and fresher chemicals. Soiled laundry in one end, clean laundry out the other end, continuously.

All of these traditional washing methods manipulate the mat, twisting and turning and tumbling, causing the mat to be destroyed and minimize its lifespan. Picture 100 pairs of blue jeans of different sizes being washed in a high-capacity front load washing machine. They come out clean but are twisted and tangled up with each other. Someone needs to tug and pull on these jeans to separate them so they can be loaded into a dryer. Now apply that to floor mats that can be 4’ to 60’ long, all washed together. Too much wear and tear!

The CDF Flat Mat Washer washes mats from a different angle – flat.

Washing mats flat eliminates the damage caused from the tumble action of a traditional washer, thereby improving mat life span.

These pictures are from a WaterHog mat installation at Chinook Mall in Calgary, Alberta – 5 years later! Chinook Mall enjoys about 1 million+ visitors per month and these WaterHog floor mats still look brand new, with many more years of use. This is the result of CDF Systems patented flat mat washer technology.

Save your floor mat by extending its lifespan. Save money by extending the lifespan of your floor mat. Call us for more details about this technology as well as our new modular design.

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