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What are the top 3 reasons to use a floor mat?

Floor mats address 3 main concerns that affect every type of business, namely Safety, Health and Environment. Each one results in money lost or gained and that affects the bottom line for any business.


Slips, trips and falls account for 25,000 related deaths per year, according to The National Floor Safety Institute. The NFSI estimates the annual costs of these accidents to be approximately $70 billion for compensation and medical expenses. The average cost to defend a lawsuit claim is $50,000 with over half of the cases being awarded to the plaintiff. In opposition to these costs, proper floor matting eliminates productivity losses from employee injuries and Workers Compensation Board claims.

Heavy-duty floor mats, such as the WaterHog, used in commercial and high-traffic areas( i.e. schools, institutions, grocery stores and more) stay in place. This eliminates rippling or ‘baconing’ thereby preventing potential trip points and hazards with strollers, wheelchairs, shopping carts and the like, which may result in increased insurance claims.

Floor mats eliminate the residue left from dirt and liquid tracked inside, trapping it inside the mat and away from your floors, keeping them safe. Matting provides protection from spills and wear and tear on floor surfaces while enhancing appearance. In protecting surfaces, it improves indoor air quality and reduces ‘Sick Building Syndrome’.

Safety messages can be printed on floor mats, i.e. ‘Caution Forklift Traffic’, ‘Hearing Protection Required’, ‘Watch Your Step’, ‘Danger Zone’, ‘No Admittance’, etc., making your workspace safer and improve safety records.


Floor mats are designed to control dust. Studies have shown that floor mats can reduce dust up to 75%! Outdoor dust comes in on our shoes or in air particles when we open a door. Add that to indoor dust from fibers, dander, insects and skin flakes. Now add toxins, chemicals and bacteria. Basically, if you step on it, it’s in a mat. Yuck!

Proper floor mats and carpet tiles eliminate the buildup of toxic mold associated with permanent matting installations and end ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, which can cause bacteria, infectious diseases, biological contaminants and other harmful symptoms.

When floor mats are professionally cleaned and sanitized on a regular wash schedule, they dramatically reduce, or in some cases, eliminate these bacteria.


Some floor mats are made with a percentage of recycled material. The WaterHog stands above the rest at 100% recycled PET fibre and is fully recyclable after its useful life as a floor mat.

The CDF Flat Mat Washer uses approximately 95% less water compared to standard cleaning systems, depending on individual applications. This machine is made from 304 stainless steel, which is a fully recyclable material.CDF Flat Mat Washer

Bottom line is the money. All of these factors save a business money, whether it is a reduction of building maintenance, accident or health related costs or consumables. Floor mats make cents.

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