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Empowering Change, One Step at a Time

CDF Systems' Low Carbon Cleaning and Matting Solutions.

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Carbon Neutral Mats

Introducing Weather-Stopper™ North America’s First Certified Net-Zero Carbon Floor Matting!


A better way to wash floor mats

CDF Systems is disrupting the commercial and industrial mat washing industry with new, superior technology.


We have over 100 years of combined experience in floor mat cleaning, equipment manufacturing, and industrial distribution and is the go-to company for high-tech, high-quality mat processing products.

What We Offer

CDF Systems provides superior products


Flat Mat Washer

The CDF 21-100 Ultra Dry Flat Mat Washer washes, dries and rolls all your mats from Water Hog to Bristle, logo, anti-fatigue, scraper, vinyl and plush mats, to carpet tiles and car mats.


Honey Comb Storage

The HoneyComb Mat Storage System adapts to your mat storage requirements with 3 different configurations.


FPI 6 Mat Roller

The FPI 6 Pass Through Mat Roller makes your mat processing system more efficient with automatic rolling and tighter rolls.


Rapid Roller 6

The Rapid Mat Rolling Machine is an automatic return to operator system. Automatic rolling is five times faster than rolling by hand.

Reduce your production costs, increase process flow efficiencies while maintaining high safety standards

Our Research & Development Team is continually working on new and innovative technology to increase customer productivity and profitability, while reducing your environmental footprint.

Green Hills

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

CDF Systems is proud to announce that it has secured patents in both the United States and Canada for its innovative CDF 21-100 Flat Mat Washer. These achievements underscore our commitment to innovation in North America, with official recognition from both the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office as of July 16, 2023.

CDF Systems
CDF Calgary
CDF Honeycomb in stock
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CDF Systems is recognized by PeriCarbon to be a technological innovation that can improve the efficiency of the current commercial and industrial floor mat industry.

"On behalf of PeriCarbon, we proudly endorse the CDF Mat Washer system for its  contributions in reducing carbon emissions. The CDF Mat Washer introduces a revolutionary mat washing machine, employing cutting-edge technology to wash, dry, and roll mats flat at high speeds, without inducing mechanical stress.  These innovative mat washers have made an impact on reducing Scope 3 carbon emissions by lowering the carbon footprint associated with cleaning floor mats. The benefits of such reduction extend to their clients, empowering them to meet their sustainability objectives and actively contribute to the worldwide battle against climate change."


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